What’s New With The 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

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The Volkswagen Tiguan has been a staple in the compact SUV market since its American debut in 2019. More than holding its own in a category crowded by competitors, the Tiguan offers a European flair to this class of SUVs. In notable contrast to other vehicles in the compact market, the Tiguan comes with third-row seating. So if you’re looking for an SUV with a refined interior, crisp handling, and plenty of cargo and passenger room, look no further than the Tiguan. 

While the Tiguan received an update in 2022, the 2024 model appears to be receiving an even more extensive facelift. Manufacturers tend to revamp models every five to seven years, and all signs indicate that 2024 will be the model year that the Tiguan receives its much-anticipated upgrade. Keen observers who have spotted a test model were quick to point out the major differences in the design of the 2024 edition. Keep reading to find out more about Capistrano Volkswagen’s take on the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan.

What Are the Exterior Differences?

The most notable differences to the 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan are in its body styling. Although Volkswagen goes to great lengths to place stickers on their test models to disguise their look before their official unveiling, it’s still clear from recent photographs that the exterior of the Tiguan is getting a major overhaul.

For starters, a glance at the sides of the new Tiguan reveals that Volkswagen is ditching the more sharp and angular edges of the current model and replacing them with a softer, curvier look. The result is an SUV that is sleeker and more muscular, giving it a sportier edge than the current design. Moreover, the front is a bit taller and blockier than what we currently have on the Tiguan. We also note that the front and rear fenders are now flared, making the SUV appear even bigger.

As we mentioned, Volkswagen put some extra effort into covering specific features, including the grilles of the spotted test vehicles. For example, they placed one sticker to make the new model appear to have the same grille design as the current model. But, the mere existence of such detailed sticker coverings indicates that Volkswagen is concealing the true appearance of the 2024 edition’s grille.

Sources tell us that the Tiguan’s new grille will be a narrower and sportier version, just like the one on Volkswagen’s Mk8 Golf. The headlights of the test vehicle also take on a more swept-back and sleeker look.

Even though Volkswagen has cleverly disguised the rear bumper in the photographs, there are indications that it will have more body-color paint and a small auxiliary grille on each side.

While reports confirm that the 2024 model will grow slightly in comparison to its predecessors, we can see it for ourselves in some exterior features that make the Tiguan appear bigger. Although we don’t have the exact dimensions yet, it’s safe to say that the wheelbase will expand, creating more space on the vehicle’s interior for passengers and cargo.

What Are the Interior Differences?

Photos of the test vehicles have captured one new addition to the 2024 Tiguan that’s huge — literally. The new 2024 Tiguan will feature a massive tablet to act as the control center for its infotainment system. This freestanding tablet will be set apart from the dashboard rather than integrated within it, as is common in many current vehicles. Arranged in a landscape orientation, the tablet will control functions such as temperature, heated seats, and music.

The screen is large enough for the driver to access several functions at the same time rather than having them hidden behind different menu buttons. An extra advantage of this large-screen design is that it allows drivers to keep their eyes focused on the road rather than having to navigate through different screens to access basic functions. 

In addition to the touch-screen tablet infotainment system, the new 2024 Tiguan will also feature a digital display cluster, further contributing to a modern, tech-friendly interior vibe. 

What’s Likely To Stay the Same?

The photos make it seem like the Tiguan will almost be a brand-new vehicle, but we still expect many qualities of the 2023 model to remain the same. For instance, it’s well-known that Volkswagen is focusing much of its efforts on building its electric vehicle line. This means they’re unlikely to put a lot of effort into tweaking the Tiguan’s engine. So drivers can expect the automaker to keep the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that serves the Tiguan well. Likewise, there’s little reason to suspect that the new Tiguan will deviate from offering both front- and all-wheel-drive options. 

We also expect the IQ.Drive driver assistance and other standard safety features offered on the current Tiguan to remain the same. 

When Will the 2024 Tiguan Be Available?

Since Volkswagen is a European company, we expect the updated Tiguan to debut in Europe first before heading over to us here in and around San Juan Capistrano, California. We estimate it will on the market in Europe in early 2024 and will make its American debut in mid- to late-2024. Volkswagen has not yet set the price, but we expect the base models to have a suggested MSRP of around $30,000. While the pricing will be a bit higher for the updated design, the jump in price is not significant. 

Where Can I Buy a 2024 Tiguan? 

Our team at Capistrano Volkswagen is here to help you buy your next Tiguan. For several reasons, the Tiguan is one of the top-ranked compact SUVs on the market. It offers a unique combination of a sophisticated and comfortable interior with a dependable engine and sleek exterior styling. So if you’re interested in a 2024 Tiguan, contact our team today. Although the 2024 Tiguan has yet to hit the market, our knowledgeable sales team can provide you with the best estimate for when it’ll be available. In the meantime, feel free to browse our current inventory or view our latest specials.

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