What features does Discover Pro offer in 2018 VW Golf family?

What features does Discover Pro offer in 2018 VW Golf family?

The Volkswagen Golf — the most successful model in the German automaker’s history — will receive major updates for the 2018 model-year across the Golf family lineup, especially on the multimedia front. The top-of-the-range infotainment system for the 2018 Golf is “Discover Pro.” Continue reading to see the innovative features that this system offers.  

VW Golf Discover Pro: Larger Screen and Higher Resolution

The 2018 Golf’s Discover Control now comes with a 9.2-inch touchscreen, which is 1.2 inches larger than the previous version, as well as a resolution increase from 800 x 480 to 1280 x 640 pixels. Additionally, the new Discover Pro will be the first Volkswagen infotainment system to offer both touch- and voice-command operation with gesture control in addition to proximity sensors — a world premiere in the compact car segment.

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Redesign of Discover Pro

Multimedia Offered for 2018 VW Golf Discover ControlThe new Discover Pro has been completely redesigned, with the entire front spanned by a stylish glass surface. Also, instead of using conventional buttons and controls, all haptic operation is performed via the touchscreen and five capacitive panels on the left side of the new infotainment system. This vertical bar on the left comprises the functions: “Menu,” “Home,” “On/Off,” “Volume up” and “Volume down.”

Gesture Control for Discover Pro

The gesture control works by using a swipe gesture to move the horizontally arranged menu items left or right, allowing the driver to scroll through the main menu, change radio stations, flip through the playlist or browse through the Picture Viewer and albums in the media library. A “light flare” indicates which options can be operated by gesture control and operation is supported by visual interactive feedback. Successful swipes are also confirmed by a sound effect, which can optionally be deactivated.

Multimedia Offered for Discover Control

Discover Pro offers a range of multimedia features and equipment. This includes an amplifier with a 4 x 20 watt output, a DVD drive, two USB ports, two SD card slots, AUX-IN socket, a 10 GB SSD drive, the full range of music playback capabilities, a movie player, jukebox, podcast player, proximity sensor and voice control as well as navigation. Consumers can also get the optional “Rear View” reversing camera, DAB+ and up to two extra USB sockets as well as two mobile phone interfaces.

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