Volkswagen Tiguan vs. Audi Q5

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The Volkswagen Tiguan and the Audi G5 are two popular crossover SUVs that are often compared with one another. If you’re in the market for a compact SUV, you may have looked at both of these excellent German vehicles and wondered which is right for you. We want to make the choice easier, which is why we’ve prepared a quick comparison of these SUVs and their most important features. Keep reading to learn more about the interior, exterior, mechanical, and performance differences between the Tiguan and the Q5.


Both the Tiguan and the Q5 feature sleek exterior styling, making them popular choices for drivers who want to pair performance with looks. The silhouette of both vehicles is similar, with the major difference being the grille design. Both vehicles are also available with either 18 or 20-inch wheels and LED lighting. One small perk for VW customers is the available illuminated grille. All-in-all, the two vehicles are both great-looking with thoughtful design features.

Fuel Efficiency

Whether you want to take your crossover on long road trips or just need a daily driver, fuel efficiency is an important concern. The Tiguan and the Q5 perform identically in the city, with an estimated fuel economy of up to 23 miles per gallon. For highway driving, the Tiguan narrowly edges out its competition with an estimated 29 miles per gallon compared to 28.

Seating and Interior

Comfort is a major concern on those long road trips, and both the Q5 and the Tiguan deliver. Both vehicles feature well-appointed interiors with leather-trimmed seats and extensive head and foot room. The major difference between the two crossovers is in their seating capacity, and in this area, the Tiguan takes a clear lead.

The Audi Q5 offers seating for five passengers, while the Tiguan can seat up to seven in three rows. The only exception to this is the all-wheel-drive versions, which come with five seats as standard with the option for seven. Tiguan buyers can also take advantage of additional perks, such as the available panoramic sunroof and interior ambient lighting.

Cargo Space

Crossover SUVs are a great choice for long road trips or backcountry excursions. If either of these is in your plans, your future car’s cargo space is an important consideration. Both the Tiguan and the Q5 are designed to provide ample space for luggage, groceries and other items. The Q5 offers 25.6-25.9 cubic feet of cargo volume. With the Tiguan, there’s more flexibility. The standard configuration includes 12 cubic feet of space behind the third row, which expands to a whopping 33 cubic feet with the final row folded.


The Tiguan and the Q5 both pack plenty of power for any excursion. Both vehicles feature a 2.0 liter inline 4 engine, with the Q5 offering 362 horsepower and the Tiguan kicking out 184. The Q5 features a 7-speed automatic transmission, while the Tiguan offers a smooth 8-speed automatic with an optional Tiptronic mode. This exciting feature allows you to shift manually during your rides. While Audi’s Q5 comes standard with all-wheel drive, the Tiguan is again more flexible, with both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive options available.


Entertainment and navigation are essential parts of an exciting trip. As technology has evolved, customer infotainment expectations have skyrocketed, and neither the Q5 nor the Tiguan disappoint. Both vehicles feature sleek infotainment touch screens and offer a range of connectivity services for navigation and entertainment. For the music lovers out there, the Q5 can be upgraded with a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system, while the Tiguan can be fitted with a premium audio rig from the world-famous instrument company Fender. The Tiguan also includes the innovative digital cockpit from Volkswagen, which displays vital information and navigation in high resolution.


Both the Tiguan and the Q5 include a range of performance features that make them at home on the road and in the wild. One of the Tiguan’s best performance features is the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system included in some trims. The 4Motion system optimizes traction by automatically distributing pressure between the front and rear wheels. Tiguan drivers also have access to four drive modes, snow, on-road, off-road, and off-road custom. They can switch to their desired mode using a simple dial on the console. For Tiguan drivers who enjoy the outdoors, the vehicle offers 1,500 pounds of trailering capacity.

The Q5 also includes an all-wheel-drive system, the quattro with ultra technology. Like the 4Motion system, it automatically switches between front and rear-wheel-drive to enhance traction. The Audi also provides a higher trailering capacity of 2,000-4,400 pounds depending on the trailer used.

Safety Features

Whether you’re picking up the kids from school or taking them on a cross-country road trip, we know that safety is never far from your mind. Fortunately, Audi and Volkswagen have packed their crossover with a range of safety features to give you and your family peace of mind. The Audi’s features include parking assist, adaptive cruise control, a bird’s eye view camera, blind-spot monitor, traction control, lane departure warning, and cross-traffic alert.

The Tiguan also includes a full suite of safety features, including a rear-view camera system, a rigid safety cage in the vehicle’s body, an intelligent crash response system, tire pressure monitoring, six separate stability-enhancing systems, blind-spot monitor, cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, and lane-keep assist.


All other features aside, price is what often helps customers decide on their next purchase, and this is an area where the Tiguan truly outshines its competition. The Audi Q5 has an MSRP of between $44,100 and $62, 350, depending on the trim. In contrast, the Tiguan sells for $25,995- $36,595. This makes the Tiguan an incredible value, considering its fantastic features.

That’s our comparison of the VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5. although both vehicles are excellent, we think you’ll agree that the Tiguan is superior in a few key respects. If you’re interested in one of these superlative crossovers, swing by our dealership in San Juan Capistrano. Our staff will be delighted to help you find the right Tiguan for you and your family. If you have any questions about our current inventory feel free to get in contact any time. We’d love to hear from you via phone or online message. Good luck in your car search and we’ll see you soon!

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