Top Five Benefits of Manual Transmission Vehicles

June 21st, 2017 by

You may have noticed a lot of Volkswagen’s are available with a manual transmission. But maybe you have never driven a manual car before? No need to sweat – driving a “stick-shift” car isn’t too tough, and a lot of folks actually prefer it!


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Here are five reasons to consider a manual transmission vehicle:

    1. Lower price
      Have you ever noticed manual transmission vehicles cost less? Like, thousands of dollars less? Manual transmission engines have fewer moving parts and therefore cost less. If you are on a tight budget, but still looking for a new vehicle, check out a manual transmission vehicle and save some cash.
    2. Better Gas Mileage
      Driving a manual transmission vehicle puts you in charge of your car, unlike an automatic transmission. You’re shifting gears and deciding how much power you’re sending to your engine. Going down a hill? Shift your car into neutral and let it coast like a bicycle without sending any extra power to your engine. The less your engine is working, the less fuel you’re burning. The power is in (literally) your hands.
    3. Lower repair costs
      Again, there are fewer moving parts in a manual transmission engine. If your car has fewer parts to damage, you have fewer parts you need to pay to have fixed.
    4. Fewer distractions
      It’s hard to do anything without being distracted by your smartphone. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents today. It’s dangerous out there if you’re busy checking your phone instead of keeping your eyes on the road. However, if you’re driving a stick shift, you won’t have the time or the spare hand tempting you to send out an unimportant text or scroll through Twitter.
    5. More fun
      You probably paid a lot of money for your car, so why not get the most out of it? Some people enjoy driving, and for them, there’s nothing more fun than being in control of their vehicle. Automatic transmissions are set up to drive one specific way, however, with a manual transmission car, you can more effectively take advantage of your engine’s real power.

Learning to drive a stick shift is a pretty rewarding experience. It’s kind of like riding a bike, only it’s a car – you’ll always know how to do it, and you’ll be able to drive any car you can get your hands on. Impress your friends and family with how smart you are! Plus learning is fun, right? Right.

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