How much does Volkswagen Car-Net® cost?

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Volkswagen Relaunches Car-Net®…And It’s Free

Car-Net® is one of our favorite features from recent Volkswagen models. Being able to interact meaningfully with our Volkswagen vehicles via our smartphones is something that you may not realize is desirable until you get to use it. That being said, we wished that it was available on more Volkswagen models. Well, it seems that Volkswagen thought so too…the new Car-Net® is more widely available for 2020.

But how much does Volkswagen Car-Net® cost?

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Complimentary Long-Term Service

On compatible 2020 Volkswagen models (which is almost all of them), Car-Net® is free for the first five years. And no, there’s no asterisk. You get access to all the features of Car-Net® 2.0 for sixty months. This period starts from the original time of purchase. After those five years are over, you can continue service for $20 a month, just like the first Car-Net® iteration.

Some 2020 Volkswagen vehicles, like the new Tiguan, have an integrated 4G-LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. Right now, Verizon is the only provider, but there are plans to expand to other providers. Current Verizon customers can add applicable 2020 vehicles to eligible plans. Non-Verizon or non-eligible plan customers can enroll in a no-commitment monthly prepaid plan for $20 per month. The hotspot can support four devices simultaneously.

What does Car-Net® do?

Car-Net® 2.0 lets you interact with your 2020 Volkswagen from your smart device. You can do things like lock and unlock your car, check your fuel levels, access diagnostic information, retrieve driving information, pinpoint where you parked your vehicle, and even start your car. This isn’t the comprehensive list; there are many more features. There are multiple available parental controls and emergency service options as well.


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