Fun Small Shops in San Juan Capistrano

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There are some stores that you can find in just about any city. And then there are the small shops that are unique and give you a one-of-a-kind feel. When you are visiting San Juan Capistrano in California, there are plenty of local shops that feel like great finds and can be a lot of fun to browse. Here are a few to consider visiting when you drive through the area.


Costumes Fairy

Everyone wishes for handmade costumes for Halloween, children’s plays, and other events, but who has the time or talent to make them? The Costumes Fairy has handmade fairy and angel costumes with 20 years of experience behind the artistry. With an entire selection of wands, slippers, and costumes, this store is fun for any fairy or angel wannabe to browse. All items are available online as well if you are looking for something special and don’t have time to stop into the store.

Fantasy Floral Designs

When you need a floral design, you can get one from any flower shop, but Fantasy Floral Designs is one of Southern California’s premier professional designers in the floral industry. With unique and creative designs for weddings, anniversaries, or other special events, complete with competitive prices, there’s no quality compromise. Plus, each customer gets personalized services that get the design just right, every time. Even if you aren’t looking for anything special, a fresh bouquet is often just what you need on your dining room table.

The Tea House on Los Rios

The adorable gift shop has tea, of course, and beautiful tea sets. It also features hats and other items that the most refined tea drinkers would appreciate. For unique and upscale gifts, this is the shop to visit. Any member of the Red Hat Society will find a full line of items available for them as well. The Tea House on Los Rios can even teach you to properly set your table for a spot of tea when you have guests over.

Bettina Knits

Have you always wanted to knit, but just haven’t found the time for it? Bettina Knits is a store with a unique collection of custom scarves, wraps, throws, sleeveless jackets, and more. All of the items in the store are made in the USA with high-quality, European yarn. The handmade fringes shimmer with metallics and items can be customized in twenty different rich colors. Many of the items are versatile and can be worn in casual or dressy occasions, all year long. When you custom order an item, it will come specially wrapped with a signature black and gold ribbon. If you are looking for a gift for that person who has everything, an item from this store is unique and special.

The Mission Store

The Mission Store is a landmark shopping experience that supports the local community with its clothing and other items. The proceeds from the store help to protect the historic significance of the area through educational programs, exhibits, and preservation. There are specialty food products, educational resources, jewelry, clothing items, children’s items, holiday treasures, and much more.

Omar’s Exotic Birds

Image via Unsplash by Sid Balachandran

There aren’t many stores that encourage customers to play with birds while they are shopping, but that’s just what you will find at Omar’s Exotic Birds. The store has been in business since 1984 and ever since then, the concept of birds on suspended perches instead of cages has become its signature. It feels more like a petting zoo than a store with exotic birds like cockatiels and macaws sitting about. Customers can also board and groom their own pets in the store. Whether you need bird products, or just want to see some beautiful birds up close, this makes for a good stop.

Manucci Winery

The winery is located on the Central Coast of California and it is a small estate winery, it is the best at what it does. Quality is more important than quantity at Manucci Winery and the wine tasting tours available on-site can prove that to any guest. The family-owned and operated business also features a bed and breakfast for guests who are so taken with the estate that they want to stay for a while.

The Old Barn Antique Store

If you’re fascinated by history, and the pieces that have come into the present from the past, the Old Barn Antique Store is a perfect stop for you. This store has a huge selection of antiques and collections from more than 60 dealers. With 10,000 square feet to browse, it can take some time to get through it all. There is a range of items from Asian antiques to Western toys, animal mounts to old books, and much more. Parking is free and there are restaurants nearby as well.


Nest is a gift shop in the historic district of the area. It’s a great place for people to find unique gifts that they can give to someone who has everything. With a clever assortment of ceramic pots, framed art, scarves, bejeweled crosses, and other locally made items along with low prices, this postcard-perfect store is a delight for any visitor.

Capistrano Volkswagen encourages you to shop local and invest in the community where you live and work. For those traveling through the area, we invite you to see a little of what San Juan Capistrano has to offer. The unique shops gives you a taste of the area unlike other stores that you might see in many locations.

While are you in the area, if you need any kind of service for your vehicle to ensure that you are safe and secure, no matter how many miles you have left on the road trip in front of you, call our service department for help. If you live here and need help with a new or pre-owned vehicle, we can certainly assist you with that as well. We take pride in the area and keeping those who need to get around safe and secure every time they are on the road.

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