The benefits of spoilers on cars

May 4th, 2015 by

First popularized on racing cars in the 70’s, the spoiler is a common add-on that is featured on all types of cars. While the addition of a spoiler to a car definitely gives it some personalized style, there are multiple benefits of spoilers on cars.

How spoilers work

The purpose of the spoiler is to make the vehicle more aerodynamic. While most are attached to the rear of the vehicle, some can be found on the front. The various types and positions of spoilers can have different impacts on your car’s performance. The biggest impact is on the traction created between the car and the road. Spoilers act as a means to create better airflow around and over the car which results in better grip on the road. This way, cars moving faster are easier to control without needing extra weight to be added.

Benefits of adding a spoiler to your car

Adding a spoiler to your vehicle also helps increase your car’s braking stability. The spoiler raises the downward force on the back of the car increasing both traction and braking ability. Even at higher speeds, drivers have an easier time braking, making driving even safer with the addition of the spoiler.

Fuel efficiency can also be affected by adding a spoiler to your vehicle. This is particularly true with cars that feature front spoilers or air dams. These types of spoilers push air around the car, reducing the drag. Because of this, the car needs to use less energy and fuel to propel itself forward.

A selection of our new and used vehicles are available with spoilers installed. If you’re interested in test driving a vehicle with a spoiler, check our inventory and contact us to set up a test drive appointment. You can also contact us with any questions you may have about our available vehicles. If you’re interested in installing a spoiler on a car that you already own, we would be happy to assist you in ordering the parts or even installing it for you.

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