Atlas Cross Sport Optional Accessories

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The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a midsize SUV acclaimed for its sleek exterior design, sporty performance, and technology-full cabin. With its expansive interior and smooth ride, this crossover is a compelling choice for those seeking both practicality and comfort. However, you still need the right parts and accessories to get the best out of your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

Accessorizing your car with optional add-ons enhances its appearance and functionality and allows you to personalize your driving experience according to your preferences. From practical additions such as bumper protectors or roof racks to aesthetic upgrades, optional accessories provide a convenient means to tailor your vehicle to suit your lifestyle.

In this comprehensive guide, our team at Capistrano Volkswagen in San Juan Capistrano, California, breaks down the most useful Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport accessories offered today.

Design and Stylization Accessories

Investing in design car accessories is a great way to enhance your car’s aesthetics and add a personalized touch. Besides elevating your car’s visual appeal, design accessories such as custom grilles, decorative decals, and alloy wheels allow you to express your individuality through your vehicle’s design.

Here are some must-have design accessories to style up your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport and transform it into a head-turner on the road.

Aluminum Side Steps

Aluminum side steps are a stylish addition to your Atlas Cross Sport, facilitating easier entry and exit from your vehicle. These top-of-the-range running boards are embedded with anti-slip coating, minimizing the risks of slip-and-fall accidents. In addition to enhancing your car’s overall accessibility, these aluminum side steps help protect your SUV’s lower body from road debris and contribute to a more polished and stylish appearance.

License Plate Frame

Getting a Volkswagen license plate frame is a simple and affordable way to add a personalized touch to your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport’s appearance. Made from polished stainless steel, these license plates look great and are highly durable.

Valve Stem Caps With the Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen valve stem caps serve a functional and aesthetic purpose by replacing the standard valve caps on your car’s tires. These sturdy plastic caps help keep dirt and debris out of your tire valves while providing a subtle but stylish way to showcase the Volkswagen brand.

Comfort and Protection Accessories

Comfort and protection accessories enhance your driving experience by providing ergonomic support and safeguarding your vehicle’s components. Seat cushions, lumbar pillows, and steering wheel covers create a more comfortable interior, while floor mats, seat covers, and sunshades protect your car’s components against wear, spills, and UV damage.

Here are some excellent add-ons to keep your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport’s interior comfy, clean, and well-preserved.

Coat Hanger

Volkswagen’s coat hanger provides a convenient and secure way to hang clothing items in your SUV without compromising space or cleanliness. It ensures that your garments remain wrinkle-free during transportation, making it a practical solution if you require a professional appearance on the go.

Baby Mirror

Consider getting Volkswagen’s baby mirror if you constantly wonder how your toddler is doing in the backseat during drives. This add-on provides a clear, adjustable view of the toddler seat from your rearview mirror, ensuring a safer and more convenient driving experience when traveling with kids.

Hood Deflector

A hood deflector is a must-have if you hope to preserve the structural integrity and sleek appearance of your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport’s front end. It serves as a protective shield for your car’s hood, helping to deflect insects, road debris, and small rocks away from the windshield and paint. Doing so minimizes potential damage, such as chips and scratches, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is like a reliable companion on your journeys, packing essential medical supplies to ensure your safety and well-being. With this accessory, you’re not just driving a car; you’re equipped for unexpected moments, adding a layer of preparedness to your Volkswagen driving experience.

Transport Accessories

Transport accessories help enhance your Volkswagen’s cargo-carrying or hauling capabilities. For instance, roof racks, cargo organizers, and towing kits provide practical solutions for transporting gear, luggage, or recreational equipment, making your SUV adaptable to your everyday needs.

Here are some great add-ons to better equip your Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport for outdoor adventures and vacations.

Base Carrier Bars

Volkswagen’s base carrier bars provide a secure foundation for mounting additional gear such as roof boxes, bike racks, or ski carriers. With easy installation and a sturdy design, these bars enhance the practicality of your vehicle, allowing you to customize and expand its cargo-carrying capabilities for your trips.

Bike Holder Attachment

If you enjoy biking, Volkswagen’s bike holder attachment offers an easy and secure way to transport your bikes. Thanks to its built-in lock, this attachment mounts on the base carrier bars, enabling you to take your bikes on various excursions without compromising your SUV’s safety or interior space.

Kayak Holder Attachment

Volkswagen’s kayak holder attachment is a must-have if you’re into watersports, particularly kayaking. This accessory attaches to your base carrier bags, allowing for convenient transportation of a single kayak on the roof of your Atlas Cross Sport. With a simple and durable design, the kayak holder ensures hassle-free loading and unloading, promoting your SUV’s versatility in water-based adventures.

Car Care Accessories

Volkswagen’s car care accessories are a range of products designed to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of your vehicle. From specialized cleaning agents to interior protection kits, these add-ons ensure your vehicle’s interior and exterior look pristine. Additionally, car care accessories contribute to your Volkswagen’s longevity and resale value by safeguarding it against wear and environmental elements.

Here are two recommended accessories to keep your SUV’s interior and exterior surfaces squeaky clean.

TechCare Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner

TechCare’s Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner removes brake dust and road grime, ensuring the longevity and appearance of your wheels. Its acid-free formula is gentle yet effective, preventing damage to the wheels while maintaining their pristine condition.

TechCare Interior Detailer

TechCare’s Interior Detailer is a vital accessory for maintaining a clean and polished interior. It helps clean and protect your SUV’s surfaces, including upholstery and dashboard, ensuring a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing cabin.

Enhance Your Atlas Cross Sport’s Driving Experience With the Best Accessories

Investing in the right accessories is critical for an SUV owner, as it improves your vehicle’s appearance, utility, and comfort. At Capistrano Volkswagen in San Juan Capistrano, we stock up on authentic accessories to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

If you’re interested in any of the accessories highlighted here and more, browse our website or contact us for the best deals.


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