2017 VW Touareg Comes Standard with Advanced Driver Assistance Features

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What driver assistance features does 2017 VW Touareg offer?

The 2017 VW Touareg is a luxurious SUV, with a high-end interior and exterior design, excellent performance and premium technology features. Safety-minded SUV shoppers may be wondering, “What driver assistance features does 2017 VW Touareg offer?” Continue reading to find out the answer.

Advanced Driver Assistance Features in 2017 VW Touareg

The 2017 VW Touareg comes standard with a wide array of advanced driver assistance features. This includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Assistant and Park Distance Control.

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Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The ACC system uses dual front radar sensors to maintain a set following distance to the vehicle in front of the Touareg. This system can bring the Touareg to a complete stop in traffic situations, featuring a range of just over 200 yards with a field of view of 40 degrees.

Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist)

The Touareg’s Front Assist system augments the Adaptive Cruise Control. When it detects an imminent collision, visual and audio signals alert the driver and, if necessary, emergency braking can be activated to help slow the vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist)

For the camera-based Lane Assist in the Touareg, if there is a danger of the vehicle changing lanes without the turn signal being engaged, the system helps alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel and by depicting the lane markings that the car has crossed on the multifunction display in the instrument panel.

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Lane Change Assistant (Side Assist)

The Side Assist in the Touareg scans approaching traffic with two radar sensors at the rear of the vehicle. LEDs in the side mirrors help inform the driver of a vehicle in the blind spot or vehicles that are approaching at a higher rate of speed.

Park Distance Control (Park Pilot)

The Touareg’s Park Pilot system uses ultrasonic sensors located in the front and rear bumpers to monitor a range of up to five feet in front or behind the vehicle. It provides guidance lines in the camera screen when parking or in tight situations, as well as audible and visual warnings when the vehicle starts to approach parked cars or static objects from the front or rear.

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