What are the benefits of a turbocharged engine?

November 20th, 2019 by

These days, it seems like turbo and hybrid engines are everywhere. Well, that’s because they kind of are. You have almost certainly heard of turbocharged engines, but you might not know exactly what they do. Keep reading to learn more about how a turbo engine can benefit you. 

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There are two primary advantages turbocharged engines give drivers. They have greater power density and they are more efficient, the latter of which might mean more to more people. Basically, a turbocharger is connected to an engine to give it more power. This allows smaller engines to put out more horsepower and torque than they ordinarily would. Turbochargers utilize the engine’s hot, expelled air to spin the compressor wheel and take in outside air. This reduces the amount of waste produces. So, when driven carefully, a turbo engine can actually be more efficient than a naturally aspirated one. 

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You should remember that a turbocharged car’s efficiency will dip if you drive aggressively. That’s the case for most vehicles, but it’s especially true with a turbo engine. Take it easy on the pedal and don’t go nuts if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. When driven right, a turbo engine can give you a more powerful and more efficient drive. Sounds perfect, right? 

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