Volkswagen ID.4 FAQ | Range and Price of the New Volkswagen ID.4

2023 VW ID 4 being plugged in

Everything you Need to Know about the VW ID.4

The ID.4 was introduced in 2021 as the first U.S.-bound Volkswagen vehicle designed from tip to tail as an electric vehicle. It offers the best efficiency, range, and interior space for its price point in the EV market. The ID.4 is a crossover SUV with plenty of room for five passengers, innovative technology features, comfort, and handling that make you appreciate its German engineering and safety – benefiting you the driver. Let’s take a closer look at the Volkswagen ID.4 and answer some FAQs.

Now in its fourth year of production, the ID.4 remains a fully electric, 5 passenger SUV, and offers a smaller 62-kWh battery pack option, in addition to the existing larger 82-kWh option, on the Standard RWD model and Base S RWD model. An all-wheel drive dual-motor option is also available on the 82-kWh models.

Volkswagen ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a crossover SUV that is fully electric and offers seating for up to five. For model year 2024 82-kWh battery pack models come equipped with a 282-horsepower electric motor to drive the rear wheels. There’s also an all-wheel-drive option available, which includes an additional motor up front, for a dual-motor configuration, producing a combined 335-horsepower. The 82-kWh battery pack models offer a maximum range of up to 291 miles.

Adding more value to the 2024 model, the smaller 62-kWh battery pack option now has better availability for the 2024 calendar year. For the 2024 Standard RWD and Base S RWD models, there is a maximum range of up to 206 miles.

New for 2024, the available Volkswagen ID.4 models are as follows:

ID.4 Standard62 kWH Lithium-IonSingle-MotorRWD
ID.4 Pro82 kWH Lithium-IonSingle-MotorRWD
ID.4 AWD Pro82 kWH Lithium-IonDual-MotorAWD
SID.4 S62 kWH Lithium-IonSingle-MotorRWD
ID.4 Pro S82 kWH Lithium-IonSingle-MotorRWD
ID.4 AWD Pro S82 kWH Lithium-IonDual-MotorAWD
S Plus*ID.4 Pro S Plus82 kWH Lithium-IonSingle-MotorRWD
ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus82 kWH Lithium-IonDual-MotorAWD

*S Plus previously known as Pro S with Gradient Package option for model years 2021 and 2022FAQs

All models come standard with the suite of safety features known as IQ. Drive. For 2024 the package now includes:

  • Travel Assist (semi-automated driving assistance with assisted lane-changing)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go (Predictive ACC on 82 kWh models)
  • Lane-Assist System
  • Emergency Assist (semi-automated vehicle assistance in a medical emergency)
  • Front Assist (forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring)
  • Active Side Assist
  • Rear Traffic Alert

Does the ID.4 still qualify for the $7,500 Federal income tax credit now that the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has passed?

Yes, the 2023 ID.4 is one of the few electric vehicles currently available in the U.S. that is eligible for the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit under the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. This is true of new vehicle purchases made in calendar year 2023 (based upon the customer’s eligibility for the Federal Tax Credit). Note, when the vehicle is purchased, the Tax Credit is not part of the transaction, but instead something the customer will claim on their taxes the following year. For example, the tax credit for any ID.4 purchased in calendar year 2023, will be claimed when the customer files their 2024 taxes.

Please note, that some customers who purchase an ID.4 (or any electric vehicle) may or may not receive the full benefit of the EV tax credit, or any portion of it, due to their individual eligibility. A customer’s ability to claim the tax credit depends on their individual income tax situation, including whether their adjusted gross income exceeds certain income thresholds as established by the Inflation Reduction Act and confirmed by current/updated Federal Tax guidelines. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor regarding your ability to claim the credit if purchased (based on your annual tax/income situation).

If you choose to lease a new 2023 ID.4, the vehicle still qualifies for the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, however the $7,500 gets passed through to the lease customer in the form of a rebate that goes directly into the lease deal at time of contracting. This ultimately reduces the Cap Cost and lowers your monthly lease payment. There are no income thresholds to meet to qualify for the $7,500 rebate when leasing (like there are when purchasing). As a result, leasing a 2023 ID.4 can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get into a new electric vehicle, even when you would not qualify for the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit under a purchase scenario.

There is peace of mind with the 2023 ID.4, knowing that it is one of the few electric vehicles currently on the market that is eligible to receive the benefit of the $7,500 – either as a Tax Credit when purchased, or as a Rebate when leased.

What Does ID Stand For?

ID. stands for intelligent design, identity, and visionary technologies.

Is the ID.4 100% Electric?

Yes! The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first-ever fully electric SUV.

What Is the Range for the ID.4?

Estimated range for the 2024 ID.4 models is as follows:

 Model Year 2023
AWD Pro280
Pro S285
AWD Pro S275
Pro S Plus275
AWD Pro S Plus263

How Fast Does the ID.4 Charge?

There are three different levels of available charging for the ID.4:

  • Level 1 (120-volt). A Level 1 charges at approximately two miles of charge per hour, meaning that it will take about 80 hours to charge your ID.4 with the included Level 1 charger fully. Level 1 cable is included with the vehicle and can be plugged into a regular 120V GFI household outlet at home.
  • Level 2 (240-volt). Level 2 charger can range from 16 to 48 amps.
    • 40 amps will charge your ID.4 at about 27 miles of charge per hour, taking approximately 12 hours to achieve a full charge.
    • 48 amps increase this to 32 miles of charge per hour, bringing the charging time down to about eight hours to achieve a full charge. This requires the additional purchase of a Level 2 home charger. See below for additional information on home charging.
  • Level 3. This type of charging is also known as DC fast-charging and will bring a full charge down to approximately 40 minutes, but this is not available as an at-home option, only available at charging stations. The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 comes with 3 years of free DC Fast Charging at Electrify American charging stations across the United States, starting at the time of purchase for the original owner. The ID.4 EV’s maximum charge rate is 135kW.
  • A new 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 includes 3 years of Pass plus pricing at any Electrify America locations throughout the U.S. for the original owner. This includes 500 kWh of complimentary DC fast charging.  

How Do I Charge My ID.4?

We made a helpful video to answer this exact question. Check it out!



Video Disclaimer: As of January 2023, the ID.4 can no longer be ordered through the Vehicle Reservation Platform. Please view our inventory to see what ID.4 vehicles are in stock and available now.

The U.S. national average is currently $0.13/kWh, meaning that the ID.4 costs approximately $10 to charge from empty to full at home. For an exact quote, contact your local electrical company to determine your current rate. For an exact quote, contact your local electrical company to determine your current rate.

The charging station itself runs between $500 and $700 to purchase. For example, the Electrify Home Level 2 Charger is $649.00 +tax. If needed, installation could require an electrician which would increase cost, depending on the electrical upgrades needed for your home. Installation of a Level 2 charging station is one of the most common residential applications today and allows you to fully charge your ID.4 in less time.

It’s highly recommended to have a professional electrician install a Level 2 charging station because you’ll be working with your home’s electrical system. First, you will need to run 240 volts from the breaker panel to the place where you plan to install your charging station. You will need a double-pole circuit breaker attached to two 120-volt buses to double the circuit voltage, using a four-strand cable. This cable needs to be properly secured and insulated to prevent damage to your electrical system. Finally, mount your charging system and attach it to the 240-volt cable.

No. Due to the voltage running through the cable, any extension cord usage could damage your vehicle’s charging system as well as become a fire hazard. Be sure to consult with a professional electrician to move the 240-volt plug if needed and facilitate the installation of your charging station.

The 2021 and 2022 ID.4 models were assembled at the Volkswagen Zwickau-Mosel plant in Germany along with the Emden plant. The Volkswagen Chattanooga plant in Tennessee assembled the 2023 ID.4 for the U.S. market and will continue to do so for the 2024 ID.4.

In the United States, the ID.4 AWD goes from zero to 60 in approximately 4.9 seconds, and the ID.4 RWD goes from zero to 60 in approximately 5.9 seconds. The 402 lb/ft torque in the RWD model provides the driver with impressive acceleration when needed most, such as when merging onto the freeway.

The ID.4 offers several warranties, including:

  • Eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on the High Voltage Battery.
  • Four-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  • Two-year/20,000 miles of Scheduled Carefree Maintenance.
  • Three-year/30,000 miles of Road-side Assistance.

The high-voltage battery has a warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Customer incentives and rebates change frequently, so be sure to contact Capistrano Volkswagen to confirm any discounts currently available.

Electrify America is the largest public fast-charging network in the U.S. and is expanding daily. Volkswagen of America provides the original owner of a 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 with 500 kWh of free charging, along with three years of Pass plus pricing for DC fast charging.

Electrify America charging works in conjunction with an app that helps you track charging status, time remaining, notifies once you’ve achieved your desired level of charging, etc. The app is free to download from the App Store.

However, as a reminder, the ID.4 can charge at any DC fast charging station, such as EV Go, ChargePoint, among others.

Yes. You can deactivate any of the driver-assistance features, and they will stay deactivated until you choose to reactivate them.

The ID.4 models equipped with a glass roof is a fixed design, so it is not designed to open. However, unlike other electric vehicles on the market with the same fixed-roof design, the ID.4, when equipped with the panoramic glass roof, is engineered with a power sunshade to help block out the sun and heat.

Yes. White interior accents are available on 2024 ID.4 when equipped with the Cosmic interior color theme.

The most significant differences between the 2024 trims include:

  • Standard/Pro: Cloth upholstery.
  • Pro S: Simulated leather upholstery, a hands-free power tailgate, panoramic sunroof, and upgraded front seats with massage.
  • Pro S Plus: Also comes with larger 21” wheels, silver roof rails, silver roof accents, and silver C-Pillar along with the upgraded Harman Kardon premium audio.

Yes, you can tow with the 2024 ID.4. However, the trailer hitch comes factory installed and is only available on AWD models.

The towing capacity of the 2024 ID.4 is up to 2700 lbs with a braked trailer (or up to 1,650 lbs with a non-braked trailer).

Volkswagen does not make an authorized trailer hitch accessory to install on a RWD ID.4 and is therefore not recommended. The only RWD ID.4 that came equipped with a trailer hitch from the factory was the limited First-Edition launch model, which had a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.

For the 2024 ID.4 model year, online reservations are no longer available. Simply contact Capistrano Volkswagen for the best selection available.

Unlike some other EVs on the market, the ID.4 has no “frunk” or front trunk. Other electric vehicles utilize this space to supplement reduced cargo capacity, while the Volkswagen ID.4 has utilized German engineering to design a rear cargo area that allows for more useable space, reducing the need for a “frunk.” An additional benefit of not having a “frunk” is the ease of access for technicians when servicing the ID.4. Being able to quickly access equipment, such as the HVAC system, reduces labor time, thus likely reducing the cost of maintenance.

Contact Capistrano Volkswagen to order or reserve your ideal ID.4 model today!

At Capistrano Volkswagen, yes! We always have ID.4 units in stock for your test drive experience. To ensure availability, please reach out in advance to the sales department at Capistrano Volkswagen to schedule your ID.4 test drive experience.

There’s more to get excited about. The model year 2024 ID.4 includes the following 82 kWh per hour updates we think you’ll love, such as:

  • New APP 550 Power Drive Unit produces 282 horsepower on the RWD models vs. 201 previously.
  • New Power Drive Unit also produces 402/lb. Ft. of torque vs. 229.
  • Larger infotainment screen at 12.9 inches vs. 12 inches.
  • Features the latest ID software and upgraded processing speed.
  • Improved 0-60 acceleration. RWD now 5.9 seconds vs. 7.4 seconds while the AWD dual-motor is 4.9 seconds vs. 5.7 seconds.
  • Maximum range improved to 292 miles vs. 275 miles.
  • Plug and charge capability.

Yes! The 2024 model year is now the only available model year you can order. All 2024 ID.4s for the US market will be produced in Chattanooga, TN.
Please contact Capistrano Volkswagen sales management to place your order today!

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