2015 Volkswagen TDI Models

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Which TDI models do you currently have available for sale?
Currently, new 2016 3.0L Touareg TDI vehicles that have had the emissions modification fix completed have been approved for sale. Plus a hanfdul of Certified Pre-Owned VW TDI models.
What about 3.0L TDI vehicles like the Touareg?
The 2016 Touaregs have just been approved for sale.
These vehicles have been sitting on our lots for some time. What assurances does a buyer have that they are in good shape?
The condition of these TDI models will vary by dealership, at Capistrano VW, we have performed routine maintenance on each vehicle every 30 days, the vehicles have been sent back through our detail department and filled up with a full tank of diesel fuel. The battery has been tested and replaced if needed, the oil and brake fluid has been replaced as well as wipers, cabin air filter, and fuel filter. Additionally, a thorough inspection was performed on all vehicles and any issues remedied (wires, paint defects, etc.). You can trust that every vehicle at Capistrano VW is in top condition and delivery ready.
Has the emissions modification been completed for these TDI models?
Yes - all of these TDI vehicles have received the first stage of the approved emissions modification in compliance with the requirements of EPA/CARB. The second stage for 2015 TDI models is expected to be available by late 2017/early 2018. At that time, the vehicle will need to come in for service. A loaner vehicle will be provided for this visit.
What type of warranty is included with these brand new 2015 TDI models?
Each 2015 TDI vehicle has a full warranty and comes with an extended emissions warranty coverage for the modifications that were completed. A booklet describing coverages are includes with the vehicle owner's manual.
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