How to maintain a convertible vehicle

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Easy tips for convertible maintenance

With the temperatures rising as we approach summer, it’s getting closer and closer to convertible season. And if you’re planning on getting behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible or other convertible vehicle, there are a few things that you should know about maintaining a convertible. By following these easy maintenance tips, you can get the most out of your summer drives.

For starters, whether you’ve got a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible or different convertible vehicle, you should clean the top of your convertible at least twice a year using specialty cleaners. Biodegradable cleaners are the best for the job since they do not leave any long-term residue. It’s best to avoid cleaning with abrasive detergents like chlorine which can end up damaging your convertible cover. This occurs when the abrasive cleaners scours or loosen the threads, cleaning away the protective oils the threads are laced with.

Washing the top of your convertible

Convertible top maintenance is a big part of caring for your vehicle. When washing the top of your convertible your convertible, it’s a good idea to keep in in the shade. This is due to having the top exposed to direct sunlight while wet can cause it to fade or weaken. Once your convertible top is cooled down, thoroughly wet it with cool water. Then, spray a light coat of specialty cleaner on the top. Spread the cleaner evenly across the top using a sponge or soft brush. Using the soft brush, then gently scrub out dirt. Rinse the top with water while continuing to scrub until there are no more suds draining from the top of your car.

After your convertible top dries, apply and even coat of top protectant. This should be done every time you wash your car. The protectant spray will protect your top against fading, cracks and oil and grease stains. Another important tip for maintaining your convertible is cleaning off any bird droppings on the roof as soon as possible as they are very destructive to your car’s rooftop.

Year round convertible care

If you continue to drive your convertible outside of the winter months, there are a few extra steps you must take in caring for your vehicle. In the winter months, be sure to remove any snow that collects on the roof of your car. The weight of snow can cause the metal frame to bend when overloaded.

Like other vehicles, convertible require regular maintenance. Be sure to check your tire pressure and have your oil changed regularly. If you’re in need of any assistance or would like to schedule some maintenance, be sure to contact us here at Capistrano Volkswagen for our available services.

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