Can I start the VW ID.4 while it is charging?

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2021 Volkswagen ID.4 FAQ: Can You Start It While It’s Charging?

Electric vehicles are really exciting! As with any other burgeoning technology, though, how to use and properly maintain EVs isn’t yet common knowledge. That’s where we come in. We’ve answered a few questions regarding EVs already and today we’re tackling another one:

Can I start my Volkswagen ID.4 while its charging?

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Can You Turn on the ID.4 While Charging?

Yes, the 2021 VW ID.4 can be partially activated while charging. Systems that can be used while charging include things like infotainment operation and automatic climate control. So, if you’re getting your free charging at an Electrify America charging station, you can keep the ID.4 cabin as warm or cold as you like while listening to your favorite media. However, the drivetrain is disabled while your ID.4 is plugged in. Safety systems prevent driving while connected to any charger.

How Long Does It Take to Charge the ID.4?

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Charging rates depend on which type of charger you’re using. There are three different levels, two of which can be done at home:

  • L1 (120V outlet) – 0-100% estimated 50 hours*
  • L2 (240V outlet) – 0-100% EPA-estimated 7.5 hours
  • L3 (DC fast charging) – 0-80% EPA-estimated at 38 minutes

L1 and L2 can both be accomplished at home without any special equipment. The L2 charger requires a 240V outlet, though. L3 can only be done at a commercial charging station and is much faster than anything you would do at home.

*Official EPA estimates for ID.4 Level 1 charging rate have not been revealed by VW

Interested in a 2021 Volkswagen ID.4?

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