2017 volkswagen jetta alloy wheels

Why are Alloy Wheels Better Than Steel Wheels?

While shopping for a new Volkswagen, you may have realized many of the models highlighting premium Alloy wheels, but do you know why Alloy wheels are better than standard steel wheels? Let’s take a look at why Alloy wheels put your VW ahead of the competition!

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While Alloy are not standard on all vehicles, you’ll notice many Volkswagen models come equipped standard with Alloy Wheels. Simply put, Alloy wheels – often made with a blend of aluminum, magnesium, and nickel – are superior to steel wheels and offer the driver performance, as well as style benefits.

What Makes Alloy Wheels So Special?

  • Alloy Wheels are Lighter Than Steel Wheels
    • Because Alloy wheels are composed of a blend of aluminum, magnesium, and nickel, they are much lighter than Steel wheels. A lighter wheel will offer performance benefits – namely quicker acceleration and deceleration power. Lighter wheels can also increase fuel efficiency.
  • Alloy Wheels Outperform Steel Wheels In Harsh Conditions
    • The mainly-aluminum makeup of Alloy wheels also improves your wheel’s ability to dissipate heat away from the brakes. During harsh winter conditions, keeping heat away from the brakes will reduce the risk of some sort of brake failure.
  • Alloy Wheels Look Better than Steel Wheels
    • The aesthetic difference between Alloy and Steel Wheels is often reason enough for an upgrade. Alloy wheels are dynamic looking and give a car a luxurious look. Alloy wheels come in many different cast designs, and there are more customization options available for Alloy wheels than for Steel wheels.
2017 volkswagen tiguan wheel alloy
2017 volkswagen jetta wheel alloy

Are There Disadvantages to Alloy Wheels?

  • While there are many benefits to Alloy wheels, it should be noted that the lighter weight of the metal does result in more frequent bending or cracking than Steel Wheels.
  • Because Alloy wheels are more eye-catching, cosmetic wear and damages are more noticeable.
  • While Alloy wheels may offer better performance and safety benefits during winter driving, the durable nature of Steel wheels sometimes makes them the preferred choice for drivers afraid of cosmetic damages to their wheels.

For information about Alloy wheels and whether or not they come standard on your preferred Volkswagen model, stop in to Capistrano Volkswagen of San Juan Capistrano, CA. Never driven Alloy wheels, but want to see if they’re worth the investment? Contact us and set up a test drive!