VW golf_alltrack_country_concept

What is the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Country Concept?

Volkswagen is showcasing a variety of concept vehicles this weekend at SOMO: The European Experience in Savannah, Georgia. One of the most exciting concepts is the VW Golf Alltrack Country Concept, which is a spinoff of the Golf Country Special Edition, which is only available to drivers in Europe.

The Golf Country Special Edition features more suspension as well as four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance and brush guards, which makes it perfect for off-road driving. Volkswagen decided to take this idea a step further with the VW Golf Alltrack Country Concept since the original Alltrack already comes standard with similar performance capabilities.

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In the VW Golf Alltrack Country Concept, outdoor enthusiasts will find just about everything they’ve ever desired in a vehicle. It sports an additional two-inch suspension lift and features all-terrain tires. Other special features include a hitch-mounted bike rack, additional fog lights on in the lower bumper, an entertainment system in the trunk and a roof-mounted tent system.

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More information on the VW Golf Alltrack Country Concept is available by contacting our team here at Capistrano Volkswagen. Drivers can get behind the wheel of the original Golf Alltrack by scheduling a test drive online today.