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What does VW Car-Net on a 2020 vehicle do?

2020 Volkswagen Vehicles and Car-Net®: What It Does

You may have heard that Volkswagen recently relaunched their Car-Net® service. For those of us in the know, that’s great to hear! Car-Net® is super convenient. But if you’re not familiar with it, you may just be left wondering “so what?”

Let us show you what Car-Net® does and why it’s a big deal.

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What is Car-Net®?

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Car-Net® 2.0 is a remote services application that let you control multiple aspects of your 2020 Volkswagen vehicle from your smartphone. It lets you do all the basics, like checking fuel levels, starting your vehicle, locking/unlocking your vehicle, finding your vehicle in a parking lot, and more. There are also more complex features, such as notifying you when your vehicle is driven outside of a certain area or goes above a set speed. An anti-theft service allows emergency services to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle. If any of those things sound good to you, then you’re in luck, because it’s standard on most new 2020 Volkswagen vehicles!

How Much Does Car-Net® Cost?

The relaunched Car-Net® 2.0 is free for the first five years after you buy your new 2020 Volkswagen vehicle. No stipulations, no fine print. For sixty months after you buy a 2020 Volkswagen, you get to utilize Car-Net® for free. After those five years are up, you can continue using Car-Net® for about $20 a month. This shouldn’t be confused with the 4G-LTE Wi-Fi data plan that is needed to utilize a 2020 Volkswagen model’s Wi-Fi hotspot. That no-contract, no-commitment data plan starts at $20 per month also. The only current available cellular provider is Verizon, though there are plans to expand to other providers.

Want to Learn More About Car-Net®?

To learn more about Car-Net® 2.0—like which vehicles are compatible, how it works with leasing, etc.—give Capistrano Volkswagen a call. If you’re thinking about getting a new VW vehicle, make sure to get pre-approved for access to the best rates.