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What are the school bus laws in California? 

It’s back to school season, so now would be a good time to refresh yourself on the laws pertaining to school buses. You know school buses, those big yellow vehicles that transport kids from home to school. You can’t miss them, but so many people forget the laws about them. When do you have to stop behind a school bus? Keep reading to learn more. 

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When do I have to stop for a school bus? kids lined up in front of school bus

The answer to that question is actually pretty simple and straightforward. In California, you are required to come to a full stop any time a school bus has its lights flashing and its stop sign extended. This does not apply if you are on the opposite side of the school bus on a divided highway. If you are driving behind the bus or are in the oncoming lane, you must stop when the stop sign is out. This is to ensure the safety of all children boarding and departing the bus. 

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According to California Law CVC 22454, you must remain stopped as long as the lights of the school bus are flashing. If you do not comply, you will be subject to up to $1,000 in fines and you may have your license suspended for up to one year. There is no reason to risk your money, your license, or the lives of children because you’re in a hurry. When in doubt, pull over until the school bus drives off. It’s that simple. 

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