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Welcome to the Capistrano VW Family!

Welcome to the Capistrano VW family! Over the last 18 years we have worked really hard to make Capo VW a special place for our customers and employees. We try to do things different and better. Smileage Guaranteed! Priced Right. Last Chance. Purple Wednesdays. Smileage Price. Free Car Washes. Dot Sales. 220” TVs. Boss is Gone! Just some of the good stuff, fun and weirdness that make Capo VW the “Biggest Little VW Dealer” in California!

More about all of that later…


Speaking of families…Have you checked out the Volkswagen Golf Family?  So awesome that, for the first time ever, an entire family has been named the 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year®! We started with GTI last May, added the Golf* in July (in both new 1.8T and TDI Clean Diesel versions), then came the e-Golf last fall (VW’s first-ever 100% electric plug-in vehicle; Yes!  We have one in loaner service you can drive!), followed by the almighty Golf R (about 300hp + 4Motion all wheel drive) in February and now (any day) we get the crowd favorite SportWagen!  Always named Golf in the rest of the world, we now call our SportWagen Golf as well.  It’s bigger than the predecessor Jetta SportWagen in all of the right ways, is built on the incredible MQB platform, has the new generation engines and a whole lotta more technology.

2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year - The 2015 Volkswagen Golf Family

We’re going to need a bigger podium.

I’m so excited!  After all, the Golf* is the reason I’m a VW dealer!  In high school during the 70’s, most of the car enthusiasts had jacked up muscle cars.  My best friend got a ’75 Rabbit.  OMG!  So much fun!  I was working for a Ford dealership so I got the other front-wheel drive hatch:  a ’78 Fiesta.  I never forgot that ’75 Rabbit, though, and those great memories fueled me until I bought Capo VW in 1997.

We will be having a Golf Family event on April 16th.  Please email if you’d like to get the details.  It’ll be a lot of fun!





Read the Motor Trend Car of the Year article here.

*History of the Golf in the US:  Talk about pressure!  In 1975 in the US, the successor to the Beetle (which sold a few cars) was the Golf.  For reasons unknown, it was called the Rabbit here.  From 1985 through 2005 the second through forth generation Golfs (Mk2 – Mk 4) were called Golf here as well.  When Mk5 was finally launched in the U.S. in 2006, the Rabbit name was brought back.  Mk6 launched here in 2009 as the Golf again.  The best ever Golf – Mk7 – debuted in 2014 as a 2015 model and inspired an entire family.