VW ID Buzz Concept Microbus

Which concept car would you want to see become a reality?

VW I.D. BUZZ Wins Concept Car of the Year

The Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ concept Microbus has been a hit with fans ever since its debut at the North American International Auto Show and has caused quite the uproar for a new Microbus to go into production. Well, the I.D. BUZZ could possibly be the answer to fans’ dreams having won the vote of Popular Mechanics as the Best Concept Car of the Year.

“For our Concept Car of the Year category, the criteria was pretty simple: Which concept car do we most fervently hope actually reaches production?” says Ezra Dyer, Automotive Editor, Popular Mechanics. “The appealing thing about the I.D. BUZZ is that it doesn’t come across as a complete flight of fancy. Volkswagen could build an electric Microbus throwback—and we hope it does.”

Is The I.D. BUZZ Going To Be A Production Model?

When choosing which concept model is the best of those released throughout the year, editors at Popular Mechanics looked at which models have the most practical features that could actually become production models. The I.D. BUZZ shined above the competition with its multivariable seating, interactive connectivity features and powertrain that proves electric drivetrains can be suited for larger vehicles.

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Highlights of the I.D. BUZZ Concept:

  • All-Electric Driving Range of 270 Miles
  • Seating For Up to 8 Passengers
  • Electric All-Wheel-Drive
  • Center Console Tablet Display
  • Beats and Bluetooth Loudspeakers

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Does the I.D. BUZZ have you missing the Microbus?

Check out these photos of classic Volkswagen Microbuses and reminisce over the style and quirkiness of the past while hoping for a future comeback. By 2020 Volkswagen hopes to begin its all-electric vehicle offensive, so keep your fingers crossed and maybe by then we’ll have a new VW Microbus to love.
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How The I.D. BUZZ Got Its Name

The I.D. BUZZ as a concept car isn’t as outlandish as many vehicles presented at auto shows over the years. While many derive their names from their function or technology, the I.D. BUZZ gets its name from both its predecessor and its innovations. The “I.D.” Of the concept’s name represents “Identity”, “Idea,” “Individual,” “Intelligent” and “Iconic Design,” the new ideas behind the model. BUZZ is derived from the MicoBUS, a play on words nodding to the model’s spacious design.

For all things Volkswagen, stay tuned to Capistrano Volkswagen. If you can’t wait until 2020 to possibly get an I.D. BUZZ, come to our dealership and get behind the wheel of one of our many new Volkswagen models. You can view our inventory online and choose the model that meets your needs for style and functionality.