VW Golf GTE Sport Concept Engine Specs and Features

Golf GTE Sport Concept Delivers Incredible Power and Fuel Economy

VW Golf GTE Sport Concept: Engine Specs and Features

A new model has joined the ranks of the ever-expanding Volkswagen Golf family: The spectacular Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept. Debuting for the first time in North America at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, the Golf GTE Sport blurs the lines between road and motorsport vehicles, for it features the drivetrain, suspension, body and interior of a sports car, while also possessing an advanced plug-in hybrid system that’s capable of zero-emission driving. Check out the Golf GTE Sport’s impressive engine specs and features. 

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Powerful and Efficient Powertrain

The Golf GTE Sport comes with 1.6-liter TSI engine that was adapted from the two-time World Rally Championship winning Polo R WRC, delivering 295 horsepower and maximum torque of 295 pound-feet. The four-cylinder engine is assisted by two electric motors, one in the front of the car and one in the rear. Wherever possible, the Golf GTE Sport operates as an electric vehicle. In sporty “GTE mode” all three motors work together, giving the all-wheel-drive Golf GTE Sport a zero to 62 mph time of 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph. In the NEDC cycle for plug-in hybrid vehicles, the GTE Sport’s fuel economy is a spectacular 118 mpg.

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Exterior Design

The striking silhouette of the Golf GTE Sport features C-pillars with a unique two-level design. This C-pillar treatment is not only dynamic from a design standpoint—with the vehicle taking an hourglass shape from front to back—but also functional, as the airstream flows between the two levels and contributes to the aerodynamic downforce and cooling for the rear brakes. The body of the Golf GTE Sport is primarily made of lightweight carbonfiber, following the high-tech example set by other Volkswagen Group vehicles like the Volkswagen XL1 and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

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Interior Features

The cabin of Golf GTE Sport combines stylishness, refinement and functionality all in one package. Racing bucket seats with five-point belts are positioned to the rear of the car and the steering column projects further into the interior, like a race car. The motorsport steering wheel includes paddle shifters for the transmission. The interior, clad in carbonfiber and microfiber, consists of two completely separate areas for the driver and passenger.

[bscolumns class=”one_half”]VW Golf GTE Sport Concept Dashboard[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_half_last”]VW Golf GTE Sport Concept Interior[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”clear”][/bscolumns]

If you’re looking for a car that delightfully bridges the gap between road and racing cars, the Golf GTE Sport certainly fits the bell. There’s no word yet of when it will become production-ready, but for now Golf enthusiasts can ready themselves in anticipation of the technological possibilities for the performance and fuel economy for future Golf models. If you’d like to learn more about any Golf models or any other Volkswagen vehicle, be sure to follow us on the Capistrano Volkswagen Blog.