VW Sponsoship of Electrify! Exhibition Title with Paints and Brushes

Volkswagen Sponsors Art Exhibition Created by Young Adults with Disabilities

Volkswagen Sponsorship of Kennedy Center VSA 2017 Electrify! Exhibition 

Volkswagen devotes much time and resources for making a positive difference with community-based projects, including the recently-concluded Volkswagen Summer of Service. The German automaker is also actively involved in supporting the arts, including their sponsorship of a traveling Electrify! art exhibition from the Kennedy Center’s VSA (Very Special Arts) program. 

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The 2017 Electrify! art exhibition — which started on October 25 — features artwork from young arts with disabilities. The exhibition drew from submissions from artists from all over the country for the 2017 VSA Emerging Young Artists Competition. Artists were instructed to incorporate the “Electrify” theme, with works of art that electrify the senses, awaken our curiosity and excite our senses. Artwork was selected based on their artistic quality, proficiency and enlightening or compelling interpretations of the “Electrify” theme. 

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Awards for 2017 VSA Emerging Young Artists Competition

In addition to having the honor of having the artwork displayed for the Electrify! exhibition, artists received cash price prizes. Trinity Kai, the Grand Prize winner, received $20,000 for Insight, a work of gum dichromate over palladium. Summer Mason, won the $10,000 First Prize for Copper, a digital short film. Haley Macherone won the $6,000 Second Prize for Hold for Inspection, a mixed media sculpture. Additionally, 12 other young artists received an Award of Excellence in the amount of $2,000. 

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