volkswagen beetle concept special edition new york auto show wave magenta pink R-line convertible denim

Volkswagen introduces special edition Beetle concepts

When you buy a vehicle as iconic as the Volkswagen Beetle, you’re making a serious fashion statement. Volkswagen knows this and has come up with a new way to flaunt the unique styling of the vehicle. Volkswagen introduced four special edition concept versions of the Beetle vehicle to the New York Auto Show to show off all the style the Bug has to offer.

Special Edition Beetles concepts include unique features

The Beetle R-Line concept takes a more performance-oriented approach compared to other Beetle models. The R-Line features 20-inch alloys riding on a wider track, a rear diffuser and spoiler and black trim contrasting its white pearl finish. The interior has been upgraded, too. It now features sport buckets, carbon trim and yellow details. The concept vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter TSI engine with 217 horsepower.

Not to be upstaged by the R-Line, the convertible Denim model offers its own stylish look. Inspired by the timeless denim jean, the concept car features a look that will fit in anyone’s everyday style. This unique styling spreads into the interior where the sports seats are also available in blue. The convertible concept car features 18-inch disc aluminum alloy wheels and runs on a 1.8 liter TSI engine with 170 horsepower.

Perhaps the boldest statement is made by the pink concept addition of the Beetle. The pink Beetle is shown as a coupe, but it could also be built as a convertible if Volkswagen chooses to go ahead with production. Dramatic coloring is contrasted by the gray side body moldings and door mirror housings. The interior of the vehicle is finished in high-gloss Titanium black, with certain elements customized in pink metallic.

The Convertible Wave design encapsulates the feeling of summer in its spicy Habanero Orange metallic finish. The Wave is perfect for everything from your morning commute to a trip to the beach. Interior features a contemporary design that merges with the iconic styling of the Beetle. With its 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and chromed door mirrors, the Wave is up to handle all of your summer adventures.

New special edition Beetles are just concepts for now

Though they are all considered concept show cars, Volkswagen is gauging public reaction and interest to determine whether they want to go ahead with putting the models in production. What do you think of the new concepts for the special edition Volkswagen Beetle? Leave a comment below telling us which of the four models you would most like to drive off the lot.

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