Volkswagen I.D. Debut, Release Date, Photos and Features

Volkswagen Unveils All-Electric I.D. Concept Car at Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen I.D. Debut, Release Date, Photos and Features

Volkswagen just unveiled a groundbreaking new concept car at the 2016 Paris Motor Show — the all-electric Volkswagen I.D. The highly-anticipated concept car can cover a distance of 249 to 373 miles on a single battery charge, is capable of fully automated driving and is equipped with many state-of-the-art technology features. Continue reading for information on its debut, release date and features, as well as some photos.  

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Volkswagen I.D. Automated Driving

The I.D. is Volkswagen’s first vehicle that is capable of fully automated driving. Activating the fully automated “I.D. Pilot” mode is easy: the driver just has to press the Volkswagen logo on the steering wheel for three seconds to switch from manual to fully automated mode. From there, the I.D. communicates with its surroundings and detects other road users through the use of four roof-mounted laser scanners, as well as ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, side area view cameras and a front camera. Traffic data is also constantly collected and compared with the vehicle data via the cloud.

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All-Electric MEB Powertrain of Volkswagen I.D.

The Volkswagen I.D. is based on the newly developed Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) that is designed as a purely electric vehicle architecture. The electric motor has a power output of 168 horsepower (125 kW), giving the I.D. zero to 62 mph acceleration in less than 8 seconds and a top speed of 99 mph. The I.D. will have a range of between 249 and 373 miles on a single charge, under European test conditions.

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Volkswagen I.D. Interior Features

The interior of the I.D. features an open, airy layout. It has four separate integral seats, with the headrests and seatbelts harmonically integrated into the backrest. The I.D. has a new evolution of the head-up display. Information such as the directions given by the satellite navigation system are, for the first time, projected as virtual images that appear to be between 23 and 49 feet ahead of the car. A 10-inch Active Info Display shows information to the driver and can also be used to view content like the media library and menus such as the satellite navigation, or to control the multifunction steering wheel.

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When will a production version of Volkswagen I.D. be available?

A production version of the Volkswagen I.D. is due to be launched in 2020 at a price on a par with comparably powerful and well-equipped Golf models. Volkswagen aims to have a fully autonomous version of the I.D. on the road by 2025. For updates on the I.D. and other new and upcoming Volkswagen models, we encourage you to follow us on the Capistrano Volkswagen Blog.