Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

The VW Golf GTI TCR Features Powerful and Efficient Turbocharged Engine

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Engine Specs and Features

The Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR is the pinnacle of racing performance in the Golf family. Forty years after the launch of the first Golf GTI, the customer racing version possesses the acronym that, since 1976, has been synonymous with the German car maker’s sporting character, powerful engines and maximum performance. Check out the Golf GTI TCR’s engine specs and features.

Racetrack Performance

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR PerformanceThe Golf GTI TCR was meticulously prepared for its outings on the racetracks of this world, with a powerful straight four-cylinder engine, a sequential gearbox with shift paddles located on the steering wheel and a consistently developed racing chassis. It was developed by Volkswagen Motorsport in cooperation with the sport department at SEAT. The 2-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection is the same one used in the top sporting model, the Golf R. The racing version generates 330 horsepower and produces 302 lb-ft of torque.

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Exterior Design

The Gran Turismo Injection identity and racing DNA is clearly evident in the exterior design of the Golf GTI TCR. It features 18-inch racing rims, a chassis that is roughly 40 centimeters wider than the production Golf and a striking rear wing that also guarantees optimal handling. Modifications for the racetrack include an aerodynamic front splitter and carbon rear wing. Ensuring maximum safety for the driver, the Golf GTI TCR is equipped with a racing seat with head protectors, racing safety cage and an FIA-approved safety tank.

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Is the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR available for purchase?

If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, unfortunately you’re out of luck, for only 20 models were produced and they have already been sold to teams for the FIA’s 2016 Touring Car Racing International series. If you want to see the Golf GTI TCR in person, you’ll have to head to one of the 2016 TCR events, which starts next month in Bahrain. If you’d like to learn more about Volkswagen models and all the latest and greatest news in the world of Volkswagen, then be sure to follow us on the Carter Volkswagen Blog.