2019 Golf Alltrack parked by mountain

Is the 2019 VW Golf Alltrack AWD?

2019 Golf Alltrack Drivetrain, Explained

If you’re the type of person who wants a lot cargo space, exceptional driving abilities, and high seating capacity, then we have just the vehicle style for you. The wagon! Yes, that’s right, not the crossover, but the wagon. Crossovers are great too, don’t get us wrong. But if you’re looking for something more analogous to driving a car, then the wagon should be towards the top of your list.

Luckily for you, Volkswagen makes some exceptional wagons, like the Golf Alltrack. But another reason that people tend to prefer crossovers is their AWD capability.

So, is the 2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack AWD?

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Golf Alltrack Standard Drivetrain

Every 2019 Golf Alltrack comes with 4MOTION AWD, regardless of trim level. This is where the Golf Alltrack gets its name. “Track” is generally defined as a path that a person, animal, or vehicle has used. So “Alltrack” signifies the ability for the 2019 Golf Alltrack to drive on all tracks. Pretty clever, Volkswagen! If you’re wondering if there is a FWD only variant, there is. It’s called the Golf SportWagen.

What is 4MOTION AWD?

2019 Golf Alltrack driving through mud

4MOTION AWD is a dynamic, always-on system that adjusts to roads conditions in real time. It has no fixed power distribution, meaning that engine can send as much power as necessary to whichever axle needs it within a fraction of a second. You likely won’t even realize that the power distribution has changed given its fluid, on-the-fly nature. Typical AWD systems require you to stop your vehicle, shift into neutral or park, turn on/off the AWD system, and then continue traveling. Traditional AWD systems also feature a fixed power distribution, which is still helpful in poor conditions, but not as helpful as variable power distribution is.

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