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Keeping engines cool in the summer

How to prevent overheating in your car

With summer coming up, vehicles run the risk of overheating due to the increased temperatures. Overheating can do serious damage to your car’s engine so it’s important to know how to keep your car’s engine cool in the summer. By following these easy car maintenance tips, you can prevent overheating in your vehicle and keep yourself cool during drives.

Paying attention to your air conditioning is essential to noticing problems with your engine. The air conditioning is essential to keeping yourself cool while driving. If you notice that your air conditioning doesn’t cool down your vehicle like it used to, it may be time to have it checked out. This problem could be caused by the refrigerant level on the A/C, but it could also be the result of more severe engine problems. If you’re having problems with your air conditioning, we’d be happy to give you a hand.

Reducing heat in the engine

While your car’s engine features a cooling system to protect it from overheating, it doesn’t mean you can overlook maintenance. A car should be brought in to change the coolant every few years as a part of its maintenance. Regular car maintenance is essential for avoiding long-term damage in your vehicle. Especially in newer models, certain technology built into vehicles can cover up issues that out otherwise be obvious. Bringing your car in for a service regularly can prevent engine problems from going unnoticed.

The reality is, summer heat is actually more damaging to your vehicle’s battery than the winter cold. With the heat combined with the vibration of the motor, internal breakdown and failure in the batteries becomes more likely. Checking that your battery is secure in place is a way to minimize your battery’s movement and reduce the risk of this problem.

Also be sure to check that your car’s tires are filled properly. Having properly inflated tires gives your car a smoother ride and puts less stress on the engine. The engine also needs to stay lubricated during heat waves. The lubricant in the engine also helps it run smoothly, so that coolants can carry heat away from important parts in the motor.

If you’re in need of any maintenance on your vehicle to keep it from overheating, be sure to contact us here at Capistrano Volkswagen to schedule an appointment for a service.