How the VW Passat Rear Traffic Alert Works

Backing up is Made Easy with VW Passat’s Rear Traffic Alert

How the VW Passat Rear Traffic Alert Works

One of the most stressful endeavors when driving a car is backing up out of parking space, especially when there’s a great deal of traffic. However, thanks to the new VW Passat’s Rear Traffic Alert, backing up is made easy. Here is how this technologically-advanced function works. 

Rear Traffic Alert

The VW Passat features sensors in the rear bumper that enable the Rear Traffic Alert system to monitor the lateral area behind the vehicle much earlier than the driver. If another car gets too close while backing up, an audible warning alerts the driver to the critical situation. If the driver fails to respond, the system can mitigate the potential consequences of an accident or prevent the accident in the best-case scenario by means of brake intervention where a collision is imminent.

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Blind Spot Sensor

The Rear Traffic Alert is available in combination with Blind Spot Sensor, which detects vehicles in the area behind and alongside the vehicle over a range of 20 meters. It alerts the drive by means of an LED indicator in the exterior mirror where another vehicle or object is located in the warning area. The system points out the potential hazard to the driver by causing an LED to come on in the particular exterior mirror. If the driver nevertheless signals to change lane, the same LED starts to flash more brightly and draws the driver’s attention to the hazard.

Side Assist

The available Side Assist system also works in combination with Rear Traffic Alert. It aids the driver when changing lane. Two radar systems at the rear scan the areas up to around 50 meters behind the vehicle and in the blind spots to the sides. The system draws the driver’s attention to the potential danger with a light that comes on in the exterior mirror on the side in question. If the driver signals to change lane, just like the Blind Spot Sensor, the same LED light starts to flash more brightly and draws attention to the danger.

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In addition to Rear Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Sensor and Side Assist, available driver assistance features in the VW Passat include Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking, Park Distance Control and Parking Steering Assistant. If you’re interested learning more about the VW Passat, Volkswagen safety technology and other Volkswagen models, be sure to follow us on the Capistrano Volkswagen Blog.