four puppies in rear of red car

How do I get pet hair out of my car?

If you’re someone who drives with your pets in the car, you know that they can leave quite a mess on your seats. They provide nice company on an otherwise lonely drive, but afterward, you will find yourself cleaning up. At least that’s the case for people who have dogs or cats that shed like crazy. Keep reading to learn a few simple tricks for getting pet hair out of your car.

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3 easy ways to remove pet hair from your car 

Damp cloth two cats climbing a tree

Perhaps the simplest way to get rid of dog or cat hair is with a damp washcloth. Simply wet a cloth, ring it out thoroughly, and wipe down the furry areas. The water in the cloth will cause the hair to stick to it, making for an easy cleanup. If you have leather seats and don’t want to risk damaging them, use another method. Also, be sure to use a dry towel or paper towels to mop up your seats afterward. 

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Lint roller 

This is an effective method that pretty much works the same as the damp cloth, just without the wetness. Most pet owners probably have a lint roller anyway, so why not keep an extra one in the car? Lint rollers quickly pick up hair, they just need to be refreshed frequently. 

Hair mat 

Most pet stores have pet hair mats that you can place over your seats. The hair falls onto the mat instead of onto your seats and you can just easily shake off the mat to remove the hair, simple as that. If you know of other effective methods for removing pet hair from your car, please leave a comment for others to read! 

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