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How can I properly clean my car of coronavirus?

Getting Coronavirus Out of Your Car for Good

Keeping things clean is a priority for a lot of people right now, which makes sense. Coincidentally, right around now is when people typically start doing their spring cleaning. Why not combine the two? Follow these steps during your spring deep-clean to make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any of that pesky COVID-19 lying about.

Here’s how to properly clean your car of coronavirus.

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What Do I Need to Get Rid of Coronavirus?

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Soap and water. Yep. That’s it. Well, a bit of patience also helps. Take your soapy water and your cloth, find the high traffic areas in your vehicle that you touch a lot—like the steering wheel, seat belts, and door handles—and scrub them down for at least 20 seconds. The process should be like washing your hands, but with your vehicle’s interior instead of your hands. Make sure to steer clear of any electronics, as water and electric devices don’t get along.

Are You Sure All I Need is Soap and Water?

COVID-19 is a virus. For those who can remember some biology courses from secondary school or university, a virus is just a long string of proteins linked to together. Any person that’s had to clean up in the kitchen knows that you need some soapy, warm water to get things like oils, fats, and butter—all of which are proteins—cleaned off of stuff. The same applies to the coronavirus.

How to Clean Electronics?

Any non-bleach cleaning wipe will do the trick. Don’t use them too often, though, as they can damage electronics if used too heavily or forcefully. In general, keeping your hands clean with proper washing or hand sanitizing paired with wiping down the surfaces every once in a while will be sufficient.

Is the Capistrano VW Service Department Still Open?

Yes, it is! We can still service your vehicle. We’ll even come get it and drop it off when it’s done. If you want to learn more about our remote services, give us a call.