2020 VW ID.3 driving down the street

Does the Volkwagen ID.3 make any noise?

What does the Volkswagen ID.3 sound like?

One of the strangest things about electric vehicles, at least to those of us used to combustion engines, is how quiet they are.  You don’t realize how much you depend on hearing while driving until a car shows up right next to you and you didn’t know it was there because it didn’t make any noise.

Turns out this is a problem for more than just drivers. One group that is very much at risk due to the electric vehicle noise reduction is the sight-impaired. That exact concern is why, as of July 2019, electric vehicles are required to make some sort of exterior drive noise at sub-20 mph speeds.

With the new Volkswagen ID.3 currently in production, we were wondering…

Does the Volkswagen ID.3 make any noise?

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Volkswagen Unveils ID.3 Drive Sound

Yes, the Volkswagen ID.3 will make sound, as it’s the law. Until a short time ago, we didn’t know what that sound would be. Recently, Klaus Bischoff, the Volkswagen Brand Head of Design, gave a presentation regarding how the Volkswagen team decided upon and created a driving sound for the ID.3. It’s a bit surreal, especially for science fiction lovers. Here it is:

Crazy, right? It sounds like something straight out of Star Wars or Blade Runner. We dig it, though it will take some time to get used to.

2020 VW ID.3 driving near treesWhen Will the ID.3 be Coming to the States?

Unfortunately, it won’t. Volkswagen cites low historical hatchback sales as why it won’t be coming across the pond:

To me, it’s just simple, simple logic. If you look at the segment that the ID.3 competes in, let’s call it the classic hatchback segment. In America, unfortunately, that’s about 100,000 cars. If you look at what we’re going to do with the E-SUV, that’s 4 to 5 million cars. So look, we need to get the cars on the road. We need to show success. How do we come in with the ID.3 and say we’re just testing it out? They would say small euro car, more of a compliance car. As opposed to an E-SUV, they’re going to say, wow, that’s in the heart of the market, in the heart of the segment, that’s a real car! Let’s go! We want to throw a good first punch. We never want to throw a weak first punch because you might not get a chance to throw a second. -Scott Keogh, Volkswagen US CEO

However, Volkswagen recently announced that US production of the all-electric crossover ID. SPACE VIZZION will be starting soon.

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