Dirty and Proud! Doing our Part!

Dirty & Proud! Doing our Part to conserve water at Capo VW!

Dirty & Proud! Doing our Part!

Capo VW is proud to announce our Dirty & Proud! Doing our Part Water conservation program. Although water agencies throughout California are all still wading through their own ways to meet Governor Brown’s water conservation mandates, one thing is for sure:  during this drought, we must all cut back significantly in the water we use.

As we have always strived to be a community leader, we recently pulled together the other new car dealers in town for a meeting with the City of San Juan Capistrano Water Department to brainstorm ways to do our share.

Dirty & Proud!

For Capistrano VW, effective June 1st our water conservation program, Dirty & Proud!  Doing Our Part!, will consist of:

  • Turning off landscape irrigation (although that’s already on a separate “recycled water” system)
  • Weekly self-monitoring of our meters and charting our consumption versus the same month in 2013 (base year)
  • Washing our inventory much less (we do promise the new or pre-owned car you purchase from us will sparkle before you take it home!)
  • Cutting way back on the frequency of washing our rental cars, parts vans and shuttle vehicles (and asking our employees to drive dirtier cars as well.)
  • Washing service customer cars only upon request (as opposed to automatically washing them in the past.)
  • And – likely the largest saver of water, and the cut that’s most painful to all of us – reducing our free car wash days from two back to once per week (Purple Wednesdays) with slightly reduced hours (9am to 5pm.)

Capo VW Purple Wednesday Dancers

What are Purple Wednesdays?

We used to wait on Wednesdays for someone to show up at our dealership wearing something purple and we’d surprise them by offering a free car wash. For the longest time the meaning behind Purple Wednesday was a Capo VW inside secret, but now the secret’s out. Ok, so, everyone loves a clean car, right? We love to see squeaky-clean cars on the road! That’s why we began Purple Wednesdays!

Just show up on any Wednesday (that’s not raining) wearing anything purple, and we’ll wash your ride for FREE! Just chill and help yourself to free popcorn, Starbucks Coffee and wild and wacky entertainment on our 16-screen, 220” TV display. Smileage Guaranteed! Sure beats going to the local car wash on Saturdays. After all, we know you have better things to do on the weekends, right? And besides…did anyone ever tell you how good you look in purple? Well, you do!

Hopefully this will get the needed results.  Stay tuned in the months ahead for our “Dirty & Proud!” water conservation scorecard.  Thank you for your help and understanding in this effort.  Please fell free to send any comments my way as well as additional ideas to save water.

Capo VW Scorecard – July 2015

Projected 2015
3,831 gallons/day
Actual 2013
5,321 gallons/day
Projected % +/-


Miles Brandon, Owner