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Common myths about gas mileage

Gas mileage is something that just about every driver thinks about every day. The better your gas mileage is, the more money you save. More importantly, highly efficient vehicles are better for our beautiful planet and environment. There are some myths and misconceptions that come with gas mileage, though. Keep reading to learn more. 

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3 misconceptions about gas mileage 

Only compact cars are efficient person holding green gasoline nozzle

Folks tend to lean towards smaller sedans and hatchbacks rather than crossovers and SUVs if they want something efficient. Smaller cars weigh less, yes, but modern engine technologies have made it possible for larger vehicles to be just as good on gas. Among all 2019 models, half of the most efficient ones are either midsize or large cars. 

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Manual transmissions better for gas mileage 

This used to be the case, actually. Now, though, it’s pretty much a wash. Automatic transmissions, specifically continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), have been refined and improved upon over the years that they now all contribute to just about the same kind of fuel economy. You will only see very minimal differences. 

Starting your engine uses more gas than idling 

If you’re low on gas, you may not want to turn your car off and start it again. Some people prefer to let it idle instead. That’s not a good idea. Idling actually burns more fuel than turning the ignition. Extended idling is the least efficient thing you can do. Avoid it at all costs! 

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