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Difference Between Premium and Unleaded

There are many factors you need to consider when you’re buying a vehicle. You ask yourself questions like, “How many seats do I need?” “How much storage space should it have?” “Do I need a four-wheel drive?” and “How good is it on gas?” When you’re choosing a car, one important question you should ask is what type of fuel is recommended for that vehicle.

This is a common question because there is more than one type of gas in the United States. It’s important to know what type of gas a car should get before you buy it and after you own it to ensure you’re getting the most from it at all times. To help you answer this question, we’ll explain the differences between the different types of gas, along with which Volkswagen vehicles might need a special kind of gas.

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Michelin Star Food in Las Angeles

5 Michelin-Starred Los Angeles Restaurants You Should Try Now

When you’re in the Los Angeles, California, area and craving a sophisticated, innovative meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you’re in luck. To earn a star from Michelin inspectors, a restaurant must present food that uses quality ingredients, combines flavors for a pleasing taste, uses creativity, and exceeds culinary standards. So enjoy exploring these five restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin rating.

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Low Monthly Payment for your Lease in San Juan Capistrano

The Benefits of Leasing

You have picked out your new ride, and now you have to decide how to pay for it. If you are like the vast majority of people, you’re not likely to be paying in cash. Your choices come down to financing the car through a loan, where you own the car after the last payment or leasing it from the dealer, where you can return the vehicle after two or three years with no questions asked.

Leasing a car is a choice that many are making today because it provides practical and financial benefits. A car lease can help lower your monthly car payment, save on maintenance costs, limit your exposure to sales taxes, and protect you from the value-sapping effects of depreciation. The benefits of leasing are real and may be exactly what you need to bring home that car you really love. 

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Person at Car-Net app login screen

How to setup Car-Net for my Volkswagen?

Adding a New Volkswagen to Your Car-Net® Account: Step-by-Step Guide and Video Tutorial

You bought a new Volkswagen with Car-Net® capability? Congrats! You can now control multiple aspects of your Volkswagen vehicle with your smartphone. However, getting it setup for the first time might be a little confusing.

Here’s how to setup Car-Net® for your new Volkswagen vehicle. We’ve included a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial below.

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2020 Atlas Cross Sport rear view

How far are the guidelines on a backup camera?

How to Use Your Vehicle’s Backup Cam the Right Way

The back up camera is a standard feature on almost every single vehicle nowadays, Volkswagen models included. However, it’s not exactly clear how to use them. Sure, it shows you what’s behind you. But why does the distance seem skewed? Why does things get so close so quickly on the display?

A lot of these questions can be answered by knowing how far the guidelines on a backup camera are. So let’s take a look.

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person cleaning steering wheel of car

How can I properly clean my car of coronavirus?

Getting Coronavirus Out of Your Car for Good

Keeping things clean is a priority for a lot of people right now, which makes sense. Coincidentally, right around now is when people typically start doing their spring cleaning. Why not combine the two? Follow these steps during your spring deep-clean to make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any of that pesky COVID-19 lying about.

Here’s how to properly clean your car of coronavirus.

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four puppies in rear of red car

How do I get pet hair out of my car?

If you’re someone who drives with your pets in the car, you know that they can leave quite a mess on your seats. They provide nice company on an otherwise lonely drive, but afterward, you will find yourself cleaning up. At least that’s the case for people who have dogs or cats that shed like crazy. Keep reading to learn a few simple tricks for getting pet hair out of your car. Read the rest of this entry >>