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person cleaning steering wheel of car

How can I properly clean my car of coronavirus?

Getting Coronavirus Out of Your Car for Good

Keeping things clean is a priority for a lot of people right now, which makes sense. Coincidentally, right around now is when people typically start doing their spring cleaning. Why not combine the two? Follow these steps during your spring deep-clean to make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any of that pesky COVID-19 lying about.

Here’s how to properly clean your car of coronavirus.

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four puppies in rear of red car

How do I get pet hair out of my car?

If you’re someone who drives with your pets in the car, you know that they can leave quite a mess on your seats. They provide nice company on an otherwise lonely drive, but afterward, you will find yourself cleaning up. At least that’s the case for people who have dogs or cats that shed like crazy. Keep reading to learn a few simple tricks for getting pet hair out of your car. Read the rest of this entry >>