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2016 Volkswagen Models for VW Enthusiast Show Fleet

Volkswagen Unveils Five 2016 Models for Summer Enthusiast Event

2016 Volkswagen Models for VW Enthusiast Show Fleet

Few automakers can match the level of enthusiasm that owners and automotive aficionados have for Volkswagen, and to pay respect to these enthusiasts, VW has unveiled five models for its Enthusiast Event Fleet for 2016, including special versions of the Passat, Jetta GLI, Golf 1.8T, Golf R and Golf GTI. These unique show vehicles are inspired by the diverse interests of Volkswagen enthusiasts. The fleet is comprised of cars focusing on performance as well as pure style—vehicles that both reflect the rich tradition of Volkswagen heritage, and models which embody a sleek, modern flair.  Read the rest of this entry >>

VW Golf GTE Sport Concept Engine Specs and Features

Golf GTE Sport Concept Delivers Incredible Power and Fuel Economy

VW Golf GTE Sport Concept: Engine Specs and Features

A new model has joined the ranks of the ever-expanding Volkswagen Golf family: The spectacular Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept. Debuting for the first time in North America at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, the Golf GTE Sport blurs the lines between road and motorsport vehicles, for it features the drivetrain, suspension, body and interior of a sports car, while also possessing an advanced plug-in hybrid system that’s capable of zero-emission driving. Check out the Golf GTE Sport’s impressive engine specs and features.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 VW Golf GTE Review Performance Features and Specs

2016 VW Golf GTE Review: Performance Features and Specs

Review of the 2016 VW Golf GTE: Performance Features and Specs

Possessing exceptional driving characteristics with strong acceleration and impressive handling, a refined, versatile and roomy interior, and cutting-edge automotive technology, the Volkswagen Golf has long given its owners a thoroughly enjoyable driving experience. And for even more impressive performance and better fuel economy, Volkswagen recently unveiled the 2016 Golf GTE, which is a hybrid plug-in version of the standard Golf.  Read the rest of this entry >>