2021 Atlas cargo bay

Atlas vs Atlas Cross Sport vs Tiguan cargo space comparison

Cargo Space Showdown: 2020 Atlas vs 2020 Atlas Cross Sport vs 2020 Tiguan

When it comes to SUVs, the name of the game is useable space. If a brand’s SUV or crossover doesn’t measure up, then people are going to look elsewhere. Luckily, Volkswagen doesn’t have that problem.

Here’s a side-by-side cargo bay comparison of the 2020 Atlas, 2020 Atlas Cross Sport, and 2020 Tiguan to help you figure out which model is right for you.

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Volkswagen SUV Cargo Bay Comparison

Vehicle2020 Atlas2020 Atlas Cross Sport2020 Tiguan FWD2020 Tiguan AWD
# of Rows3232*
Space (behind 3rd Row)20.6 cu-ft12.0 cu-ft
Space (behind 2nd Row)55.5 cu-ft40.0 cu-ft33.0 cu-ft37.6 cu-ft
Space (behind 1st Row)96.8 cu-ft77.8 cu-ft65.7 cu-ft73.5 cu-ft
Starting MSRP$31,545$30,545$24,945$26,245

*The 2020 Tiguan AWD comes standard with two-row seating, but can be upgraded to three rows.

Which Should You Get?

2020 ACS cargo bay showcase

It depends on what you want out of your new Volkswagen SUV. If space is the deciding factor, not cost, then the Atlas is the way to go. Don’t need a three-row SUV? Then the Atlas Cross Sport or two-row Tiguan is a good option. If you want something more than a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, then the V6 Atlas and V6 Atlas Cross Sport variants are right up your alley.  Every vehicle has its own pros and cons, so consider each carefully. You can check out our model research pages to get the lowdown on every 2020 Volkswagen SUV, as well as all other Volkswagen vehicles. We also have numerous comparisons with top competitors, like the 2020 Atlas versus the 2020 Honda Pilot or the 2020 Tiguan versus the 2020 Toyota RAV4.

Want More Info on a Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport, or Tiguan?

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