5 Days in Wolfsburg, Germany with Miles Brandon

5 Days in Wolfsburg, Germany with Miles Brandon

Last week I was in Wolfsburg with the VW National Dealer Product Committee.  We are a sounding board for VW in bringing the best products to our market.  Read more for some of the highlights:

  • Wolfsburg Factory/Autostadt Location – it never gets old looking at those big stacks and the huge VW logo on the huge factory!
    • The awesome VW factory during a beautiful sunset in Wolfsburg, Germany!


      The Autostadt reflects and brings to life the Volkswagen Group’s values: how quality ensures safety, performance and sustainability go hand in hand and how customer service is paramount.


  • VW Open Day – once a year, Volkswagen executives from all over the globe travel to Germany to get a sneak peak at future products.  This year, our dealer committee was invited to join the event.  Our future looks very bright!  (we saw the 2016 models as well as some ‘17s and ‘18s, but due to the confidentiality agreement…that’s all for now, folks!)  Wolfsburg Arena meeting location
  • The Big Guys – we were honored to dine with Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board for VW Group worldwide.  We also met with Dr. Herbert Diess, who takes over as head of the VW Brand on July 1st.  These gentlemen listened intently to our thoughts and concerns.  Volkswagen’s focus on our market is real and we will see a lot of great stuff in the years ahead.
  • German people – it was fun to wandering around Wolfsburg, Germany.  On a sleepy Sunday (most all shops are closed), people still wouldn’t cross the street until the sign indicated “walk” even though there was zero traffic!  That’s discipline!  On Monday, I loved the vibe at this store.
  • Lunch Factory Style – we got to enjoy lunch in a cafeteria in the Wolfsburg factory.  Yes, that included some of that famous Volkswagen curry wurst!  They produce more sausages than cars in Wolfsburg! VW CurryBockwurst
  • Driving Fast – whether it was getting transported at 120mph in a Volkswagen T5 van (I didn’t know they’d go that fast!) or driving the all-new Golf R fast in a slalom course at the famous Ehra-Lessien VW test track, our week went by FAST!
  • Al Bundy’s Shoe Outlet – “Married with Children” must have been very popular in Germany, because I was surprised to find an Al Bundy shoe store! Al Bundy Shoe Outlet in Wolfsburg
  • New Engine for The Thing –I found a new engine for our ’73 Thing!  A Porsche 16 cylinder motor from the late 60’s (880 horsepower!) was on display at Autostadt.  That’ll work! ThingEngine2Checkout this video below of our 1973 Thing!


Miles Brandon