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ID.4 Charging Guide

It’s difficult to deny the impressiveness of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 all-electric SUV. It’s bringing the future of the personal vehicle world to us today. But a common concern for many people who are thinking about making the switch to electric energy is how they will be able to charge their vehicle, where they will be able to, and how long it will take each time.

Our team at Capistrano Volkswagen is here to answer your questions. Below, you’ll find an introduction to charging your ID.4 to help you figure out if it’s the right choice as you search for your next vehicle.

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Garden Grove Mic

Top 4 Theaters in Garden Grove

Garden Grove is the fifth largest city in Orange County, best known for its annual Strawberry Festival. Within the diverse community, you can find a wide range of entertainment and activities to enjoy. This area has ample draw to host everything from ska music festivals to classic theatrical productions. Naturally, there are plenty of theaters to get your film fix in as well, with all the first-run favorites readily accessible in comfortable facilities complete with reclining chairs and assigned seating. If you’re looking for someplace to enjoy a little extra entertainment, we have several suggestions. Check out these top theaters in Garden Grove, California.

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ID4 Interior

ID.4 Interior Features

Volkswagen has committed to expanding its offering of electric and hybrid vehicles to support eco-minded drivers, who want to reduce their environmental impact. One of their latest models is the 2021 ID.4, which is the first VW model for U.S.-based buyers that’s built as an electric vehicle from the ground up. This model is different from the e-Golf, the automaker’s first official electric vehicle, in that the latter wasn’t built from the ground up as an EV. 

The ID.4 is a sleek and stylish model inside and out. It’s also our recommendation if you want an upscale ride that doesn’t run on conventional fuel. 

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