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2020 Volkswagen Passat safety features 

Safety should always be your number one concern when you are shopping for a car. More so, it should be your top priority any time you are behind the wheel. Driving comes with inherent dangers, but the right driving smarts and modern technology have made it safer than ever before, and Volkswagen is one of the leaders in the realm of automotive safety. Continue reading to learn what safety features come on the 2020 VW Passat. 

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What safety features are on the 2020 Volkswagen Passat? 

Rearview camera system 

Every 2020 Passat comes fitted with a rearview camera. This gives drivers greater awareness and can help you see things that you otherwise couldn’t. It’s simple. Whenever you go into reverse, the camera turns on and displays the view on your primary monitor. You will wonder how you ever drove without it. 

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Automatic braking front seats and dash of vw passat

In the event of a collision, the 2020 Passat can come to a full stop automatically. This helps to reduce the risk of further damage after an accident. Collisions are bad enough, but they are much worse when they don’t cause the vehicle to stop. This innovative feature helps to prevent that. 

Stability enhancers 

Driving isn’t always a smooth task. There are different terrains and conditions that make the roads slippery or loose. Electronic brake pressure distribution and electronic stability control automatically make adjustments to keep the Passat as stable as possible. 

Other available safety features include lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert. Come on down to Capistrano Volkswagen to learn more about the 2020 Passat and what it can do for you! 

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