2016 Volkswagen e-Golf MPGe Rating and Range

What is the MPGe rating and range of the 2016 VW e-Golf?

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf: MPGe Rating and Range

With the 2016 e-Golf, you get the superb driving characteristics, upscale interior and versatility that the standard Golf has long possessed, but with the added benefits of an eco-friendly electric drivetrain.The new e-Golf is Volkswagen’s first fully electric vehicle for the U.S. market and joins the growing family of sporty Golf hatchbacks. While possessing all the benefits of an electric vehicle, the e-Golf, with its fun-to-drive nature, proves that being efficient doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in performance.

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf Headlight and BadgePhenomenal Efficiency

Heading to the gas station is a thing of the past with the 2016 e-Golf. It delivers a spectacular 126 city/105 hwy MPGe rating. Not only is the e-Golf’s electric drivetrain friendly to the environment a zero carbon emissions output, it results in more savings to your checkbook as well. The e-Golf also offers three driving modes: Normal, and for greater efficiency and range, Eco and Eco+ modes.

No Range Anxiety

Simply plug in the plug in the e-Golf, and you’ll get up to an estimated 83 miles per charge. This surpasses most other electric vehicles in the segment, and certainly lessons the burden of range anxiety. The e-Golf also comes with Volkswagen’s Roadside Assistance Plan, which is designed to take the potential stress out of planning around the range limits of an EV. For instance, if the e-Golf runs out of charge within 100 miles of the owner’s home, Volkswagen will arrange for the car to be delivered to a nearby, convenient source for charging, as well as pay any taxi or transportation fees for the owner.

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You can charge the 2016 e-Golf at home with an available 240V wall box, at any of the 22,000+ ChargePoint public charging stations or at select VW dealerships. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions serves as a charging station and installation services provider for e-Golf vehicles. Bosch will provide the optional 240-volt charging unit, the Power Max charging station, as well as full-service installation for qualified e-Golf drivers.

Helping the Planet

When you buy a 2016 e-Golf, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your purchase had a positive impact on the planet, since Volkswagen has teamed with 3Degrees, a renewable energy and carbon offset services provider. Additionally, Volkswagen is working with SunPower to provide qualified U.S. Volkswagen e-Golf customers the opportunity to install a high performance SunPower solar system. Be sure to follow us on the Capistrano Volkswagen Blog for more information on the 2016 e-Golf and other VW models.